Michael Massaia

Michael Massaia (b. 1978) lives in New Jersey and is producing outstanding photography, getting the attention of such people as British art critic Julian Spalding, "He is a profound, contemplative artist of our times." He uses a large format view camera and makes his own beautiful split-toned silver and platinum/palladium prints. Click here to go to an earlier interview and here to see an excellent video by Popular Photography. As stated earlier on his website, "Michael still believes that photography is an art form that is driven by equal parts technical prowess and artistic vision. The creation of an uncompromised handmade print in this modern, sterile digital age is, at its very least, a worthwhile endeavor." We have a portion of six different series on this web page to give you an introduction to his innovative work.


Toned silver gelatin prints:
Prints on 22 x 28 inch (56 x 71 cm.) paper, editions of 20: $3,500 starting price
Prints on 32 x 42 inch (81 x 107 cm.) paper, editions of 7: $6,000 starting price
Prints on 43 x 53 (to 60) inch (109 x 135 to 152 cm.), edtions of 3: $9,500 starting price

Exception: Deep in a Dream and Afterlife portfolios have editions of 20, 10 and 3 respectively

The two color portfolios are not shown yet on this website; please use the links below.

Transmogify portfolio #1 and #2 archival pigment prints:
Prints on 16 x 20 inch (40 x 50 cm.) paper, editions of 10: $2,500 starting price
Prints on 30 x 40 inch (76 x 102 cm.) paper, editions of 7: $5,000 starting price
Prints on 40 x 60 inch (102 x 152 cm.) paper, editions of 3: $8,500 starting price

Exception: The Pull III-Hudson River Karman Line portfolio available in 16 x 24 only: $2,500


(Click your mouse on the images below to enlarge them.)

              The Pull-Inverted Seascapes

The Pull #13, 2015

The Pull #7, 2015

The Pull #9, 2015

The Pull #2

"I have always been fascinated by the similarities between movement of the sky and the movement of the ocean (the pull of the tides and the pull of the atmosphere). In this portfolio I've simply printed the images the way they appear on the ground glass of my 5 x 7 camera-inverted and backwards. I found it amazing how visually the ocean became the sky and sky the ocean - "the pull of the ocean surrenders to the pull of the sky." As a result of the ocean being inverted, it takes on a completely new shape. I even see mountain scenes and blowing brush. The sea also seems to become the land. I am making 20 x 24 and 50 x 70 gold toned gelatin silver prints."       Here is a brief article.          See more of this series on his website.

              Deep in a Dream-Central Park        Click here to see some of the latest Central Park work

North West View, 2014

West Side Sunrise, 2009

South East View, 2012

Sheep Meadow Sunrise, 2012

The Mall, 2013

Gapstow Bridge, 2009

Boat Pond, 2009

South East View, 2013

Central Park, 2012

For this body of dream-like work, Massaia photographs Central Park late in the night, and the results are totally unlike anyone else's efforts.       Here is a brief article.          See more of this series on his website.

              Sheep Meadow-Vertical Abstracts       Click here to see more, and some newer, Sheep Meadow Verticals

Vertical Abstracts, 2015

Vertical Abstracts #4, 2015

Vertical Abstract #2, 2015

Vertical Abstract #1, 2015

These couples were originally photographed horizontally. In this series, they are upended and made to appear floating, and, as Massaia describes it, "the grass is severely ‘burnt in’ to isolate and give the look of suspension to the subject."       Here is a brief article by British art critic Julian Spalding.          See more of this series on his website.

              Afterlife-New Jersey

Atlantic City Carousel

The Musik Express, 2009

The Casino Pier-2012-Seaside Heights, New Jersey

Moby Dick and Swing Ride, 2009

Casino Pier Facade, 2010

The amusment park photographs above were usually made early in the morning when there are no people around and the surrounding fantastical architecture evoke a surreal atmosphere.       Here is a brief article.          See more of this series on his website.

              Seeing the Black Dog-New Jersey

New Jersey Turnpike, 2011

New Jersey Turnpike, 2013

New Jersey Turnpike

New Jersey Turnpike, 2011

"Seeing the black dog" is what long-haul truckers call hallucinations that come from sleep deprivation. "“When truckers see black dogs scampering across the highway they know to pull over and get some sleep,” observes Massaia who photographs the trucks as the drivers rest. His fascination with floating objects can be seen with the car carrier image.       Here is a brief article.          See more of this series on his website.

              Signals Crossed

Signals Crossed, 2015

Signals Crossed, 2014

Signals Crossed, 2014

Signals Crossed-Cohan Variations, 2015

Regarding this series Massaia says, "Using moderately long exposures, 'Signals Crossed' is an attempt to reinterpret the modern electric/animated billboards that are steadily blanketing the city." Tom Gramegna, Director, Gallery 270, located in New Jersey, states "'Signals Crossed' is artist Michael Massaia's latest portfolio of original photographic imagery. With LED billboard advertising proliferating, what advertiser would think a few seconds of on ad captured photographically would portray not just their paid message, but reveal these images of the unseen and surreal lurking within their computer controlled message? One clearly sees phantasmagorical forms of waterfalls, cloud patterns and fireworks set against a realistic rendering of a still object amidst a Dalinian landscape. The artist's ability to render these as an ethereal hidden code supplants the intended message of the medium and creates another body of work forever altering our perception and experience of reality."       Here is a brief interview.          See more of this series on his website.

Click here to view his Chinatown Series

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