George Tice: Large Platinum and Palladium Prints

These are George Tice's outstanding 20 x 24 inch platinum and palladium prints. These large prints are simply breathtaking. He is a master of this printing technique, but he doesn't have the facilities to make these big sizes. These were made by a fellow master printer in Belgium. (Making these kinds of prints is extremely laborious, and the paper must be coated with the light-sensitive chemicals by hand.) There are so far 11 photographs in this group, and their editions are limited to 30. When you click on an image below, you will see the pricing, which increases as the editions sell out. We reproduced these prints as best we could, but what you see on the screen falls short of these magnificent prints in reality!

As of fall, 2009, he is now having prints made in the even larger size of 28 x 36 inches.
Click on the images for details (not all are available that size).

(Click your mouse on the images below to enlarge them and see prices.)

George Tice, Roaring Fork River
Roaring Fork River
George Tice, Oak Tree Holmdel, New Jersey
Oak Tree, Holmdel, N.J.
George Tice, Aquatic Plants #1
Aquatic Plants #1
George Tice, From the Chrysler Building
From the Chrysler Building
George Tice, Telephone Booth, 3 A.M.
Telephone Booth, 3 A.M.
George Tice, White Castle
White Castle
George Tice, Hudson River Pier
Hudson River Pier
George Tice, Petit's Mobil Station
Petit's Mobil Station
George Tice, Ferry Slip
Ferry Slip

George Tice, Woods, Port Clyde, Maine
Woods, Port Clyde, Maine

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