Changes to the Site

     September 25: New nude work by Nicholas McCalip added

     September 19: Mitch Dobrowner: Nature in the Raw added

     July 10: A Separate Collection added

     May 9: new show for Walter W. Nelson

     April 2: started new page of Magnum photographers

     February 18: added work by Jacques Henri Lartigue

     January 30: Gerald Hill's, photography added to site

     January 23: Added new inventory by Bank Langmore, with new information about platinum prints by Elliott Erwitt

     October 17: Added the Cuban documentary work of Eduardo and Orlando Garcia

     October 6: New Show of James Evans' work

     May 8: New work added to Prints of Particular Interest Page

     March 27: Show of new work by Brian Kosoff

     March 13: Some new work added by Michael Massaia

     November 13: New show for Fran Forman

     September 27: New show for Craig Varjabedian

     July 11: New page of collector's prints

     March 9: New show: Gary Bishop, Images: Past/Presence

     January 11: New show: Terry Falke: No Straight Lines in Nature, Black and White Landscapes Revisited

     November 30: Added a rare group of Edward Steichen photographs printed by George Tice

     October 1: New show: 40 Exceptional Photographs, Our 40th Anniversary Show

     August 24: New page for Angela Bacon-Kidwell's latest work added

     August 10: New page added called Prints of Particular Interest

     July 21: New color panoramic photographs by David J. Osborn added

     May 27: New Elliott McDowell show added

     April 4: More Wynn Bullock images added to his page

     February 22: More Ansel Adams images added to this page

     January 12: New show of LIFE photojournalist Bob Gomel's work from the 60s


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